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Shower With 3jet Showerhead



Choose which jet of water to shower with with just the wave of a hand!

White Polyethylene Shower With Hot And Cold Water With Round I-switch Shower Head. Double Water Connection,bottom Or At The Side. It Can Beplaced Outside Or Inside The House. Change The Water Jet With The Movement Oh a Hand.

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    • shower with 3 jets LED shower head made of HD polyethylene, high resistance.
    • shower for indoor-outdoor, you can mount it in the bathroom of your home. With three-color LED that changes color according to the temperature of the water.
    • outdoor shower, you can change the water jet with the wave of a hand.
    • white outdoor shower light and easy to assemble requires minimal maintenance during the year.
    • Outdoor shower, unlike solar heated showers you won't necessarily have to place it in the sun.

    Shower With 3jet Led Showerhead

    Sined Luna Polyethylene Shower With Double Connection Iswitch Round Shower Head White

    Shower with 3-jet LED shower head, use your home system to take lots of hot showers. Change the water jet with just the wave of a hand
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