Chaise longue

The chaise longue: perfect for a pleasant moment of relaxation.

Chaise longues are ideal for indoor and outdoor use in all seasons.

The Chaise Longues sold by SINED are unique and special products that give that extra touch to the decoration. SINED prefers white and its Chaise Longues are designed for various environments, all of them available in white. Thanks to their modern designs they can be adapted to almost any place or environment.

Outdoor chaise longue

Chaise longue for gardens and terraces

Sined Chaise Longues are designed for outdoor use, and can be used by the pool, on any terrace, balcony or outdoor patio. Their construction and manufacture allows them to be used for comfortable sunbathing or in the garden at home. The uses of these Chaise Longue are many and varied, and can be implemented in virtually any space.

Garden chaise longue

Made of salt and UV resistant material, they are light, comfortable and hygienic. Sined’s Antares and Veneres chaise longues, manufactured in white, are modern, luxurious and long lasting. They are also easy to clean and hygienic.

Swimming pool chaise longue

SINED has also thought about its durability and resistance, and that is why all its Chaise Longues models are made of high quality fibreglass which makes your pool a living room. In addition to their resistance to UV rays, they are very resistant to extreme temperatures, both in summer and winter.

White pool chaise longue

The white colour, chosen for all pool loungers, makes them easier to clean and makes them much less dirty, both in summer and in the rest of the seasons. But above all, the choice of white allows them to retain much less heat, unlike other darker colours such as black.

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