How to securely fix a stainless steel outdoor shower

SINED showers incorporate the C-BOX system which allows easy installation of the shower, the possibility of having hot and cold water, as well as the possibility of easily disassembling the shower in a matter of minutes and reassembling it at any other time. This is particularly suitable for the cold seasons when outdoor showers are not used, thus extending the life of the shower and making better use of space.

What is the C-BOX system?

This unique system in the SINED shower market allows showers to have both hot and cold water inlets. It is an innovative system that is placed on the floor, at the base of the shower, where the shower will then be installed. Below we show you how it is installed.

C-BOX installation system for hot and cold water showers

You don’t have to worry about installation, as all SINED products (whether showers, fountains or chaise longue) always include everything you need. Therefore, the showers with the C-BOX system already include in the package everything necessary for its fixation (you can see it in the image below). The exclusive C-BOX system allows you to secure your shower by connecting it directly to the hot and cold water in your home.


Docce c-box Budoni in Acciaio Inox 316

The special feature of this shower model is the special C-BOX fixing system, which allows the hot and cold water to enter and is easy to assemble and dismantle. It is this “little box” that you can see below;


Docce A Budoni in Acciaio Inox 316

The C-Box allows a perfect installation, and is protected with a lockable cover for when the shower is dismantled. The C-BOX must be installed perfectly level and fixed to the concrete floor with the 4 metal plugs supplied. Here you can see a picture of the inside of the C-BOX;


Docce Budoni in Acciaio Inox 316

Inside the C-BOX there are quick couplings for connecting the steel shower. The two yellow/metallic coloured ones are quick couplings for the shower base. They are connected by a triple system of watertight O-rings. In the picture below you can see the screws of the lower shower base, which are to be coloured on the C-BOX.


As you can see, the shower is easily assembled and disassembled by attaching it to the C-BOX with screws. The drawing below will explain everything step by step.
Docce Sined in Acciaio Inox 316 sistema montaggio c-box
The C-BOX system is unique on the market and exclusive to SINED. This means that SINED showers have a longer service life because they can be stored and stored in winter, thus avoiding weather conditions and low temperatures on the one hand.

SINED showers including the C-BOX System

Below you will find the list of SINED products that incorporate this system. All these showers incorporate the C-BOX system with water mixer, with the exception of the SIMIUS model, which has C-BOX but no mixer (only cold water).

For any questions about the product, its installation or any other enquiry about SINED products, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team. For more information you can also access the product page or the manuals section.

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