Showers Solar Heating

Our new range of solar pools includes heating thanks to an innovative system that takes advantage of solar radiation. The SOLE range has a tank that takes about two hours to heat up. The exact time will depend on how well the shower is exposed to the sun. In this way it is possible to have hot water without using electricity or conventional heaters. The shower has a tank that collects the heat from the sun.

Solar Showers for swimming pools

SINED’s range of solar showers can be used in both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Their PEHD (non-toxic high molecular density polyethylene) construction materials make them durable and highly resistant.
In the case of indoor pools, it is ideal to place it in a place where the sun can shine through the window.

Solar garden showers

Some shower models, such as the SINED DOCCIA SOLE or the SINED DOCCIA EMI BLU model are ideal for use in the garden thanks to their elegant design, their solar heating system as well as their footwashing system, to mention just a few of their features.

Solar showers up to 40 litres

At SINED we have the only solar shower model on the market with a capacity of up to 40 litres. This is the DOCCIA SOLE XXL model, unique thanks to its large tank.

Solar Heated Showers for Pools and Gardens

The SINED solar showers models, such as DOCCIA EMI, DOCCIA LEA or DOCCIA SOLE are made of highly resistant materials, have foot washers, a large water deposit and solar heating.

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Aluminium solar shower

The DOCCIA DAFNE, DOCCIA ELLA, DOCCIA EMI and DOCCIA LEA shower models are made of aluminium. Their construction in this material, together with their solar heating, makes these models ideal for outdoor areas such as swimming pools, gardens or terraces.

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Solar heated showers Large sizes

Thanks to the sun, you can have hot water without the need for a heater or electricity.

Solar shower 25 litres

The DOCCIA DINO outdoor shower has a tank of more than 25 litres (26 litres). It stands out for its slim and stylish design of the upper part, thanks to the fact that its tank is located entirely in the lower/middle part of its structure.

Solar shower 40 litres.

Unique on the market The DOCCIA ELLA and DOCCIA SOLE XXL models have large tanks of up to 40 litres, the only ones on the market with this capacity.

Solar shower 35 litres

The ecological solar shower DOCCIA DAFNE has a 20cm round shower head, a hot/cold water mixer and a footbath tap. Made of aluminium and with a 35 litre tank, it is suitable for use in swimming pools, gardens, hotels, campsites, etc.

SEE Solar Heated Showers for Pools and Gardens

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