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SINED is a leading brand in Italy and Spain in the sale of outdoor solar showers as well as traditional showers. These can be both hot and cold water and can be used indoors and outdoors. SINED also offers designer chaise longues and garden fountains.

SINED pool and outdoor showers

SINED showers can be used for both indoor and outdoor pools. Whether private, public, gymnasium, etc.) as well as for other outdoor uses (gardens, premises near the sea, etc.).

Solar Showers for Swimming Pools

Our new SOLE range includes solar heating thanks to an innovative system that takes advantage of solar radiation. The SOLE range has a tank that takes about two hours to heat up. The exact time will depend on how well the shower is exposed to the sun. In this way it is possible to have hot water without using electricity or conventional heaters.

How long will I have hot water with a solar shower?

Several factors come into play here: the material, the exposure time, the outside temperature or the position of the shower. Ideally, the shower should be placed in a place where the sun shines most of the day. Basically, our shower can keep the water warm until the evening. Blue is one of the colours that generates the most heat thanks to the sun – you won’t find a blue shower with the same solar heating!

Design chaise longues

The SINED Chaise Longues are unique and special and give that extra touch to the decoration. Made of fibreglass, they are highly resistant to UV rays. This allows for intensive use in outdoor environments and all outdoor activities. Easy to clean and sanitise. SINED prefers WHITE and its chaise longues are designed for various environments. Therefore, thanks to their design and white colour, they are ideal for use in any environment. They can be used by the pool for comfortable sunbathing or in the garden at home.

Fountains and outdoor fountains for terraces and gardens

Fountains are a vital element on terraces and in gardens. Whether for cleaning objects, watering plants, wiping feet, etc. Sined design fountains are ideal for bringing life to the outdoors thanks to their design and vibrant colours. So much so, that they become the focal point of the whole garden. You can purchase them in various sizes, all of high quality. They are made of HD polyethylene and have special fittings in matt black metal. Standard colours are black, green, white, red and dove grey. Depending on the model, the fountains are equipped with special accessories such as buckets and watering tubes.

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