Pool and Garden Showers

Sined’s 5 DOCCIA models (Luna, Luna D, Lunca LCD, Luna LED and Luna Sensor) are designed to be used in gardens or swimming pools, thanks to their resistant HD Polyethylene construction and a design that blends in perfectly with the decoration and the environment.

Outdoor showers for swimming pools

Some models of outdoor showers for swimming pools such as the LUNA SENSOR include the possibility of being controlled by hand, thanks to a sensor that with just the movement of the hand allows the water to flow or stop.

Outdoor pool showers

All SINED models designed for swimming pools and/or gardens are made of high resistance HD Polyethylene.

Solar pool showers

In SINED we have several models of solar pool showers, which thanks to the sun are able to provide hot water. The showers with these characteristics are the models EMI, LEA and SOLE.

Modern pool and garden showers

Modern outdoor showers

The SINED outdoor showers DOCCIA LUNA and DOCCIA LUNA D can be used outdoors without any problems thanks to their high quality HD polyethylene construction.

The DOCCIA LUNA model has both hot and cold water outlets. It is superbly equipped with practically everything you need for this purpose: Outdoor shower with double water connection at the bottom and side. It uses the same system as in the home to provide customer water. Ideal for the garden and the bathroom at home.

Modern garden showers

Both models of modern garden showers from Sined, stand out for their modern and stylish finish. They are ideal as decoration in any garden and their modern, avant-garde design will please almost everyone.

The showers are also perfect for saunas, spas, wellness centres…

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Modern showers with I-Switch shower

These showers from Sined are suitable for camping sites, holiday villages, bathing establishments, hotels, swimming pools, bed and breakfasts or for bathing at home.

Outdoor showers with temperature control

White outdoor shower with hot and cold water connection, uses the house system for many hot showers. With 3-colour LED shower head

Pool shower with temperature regulator.

Sined pool showers with temperature regulator have a 304 stainless steel shower head, with silicone anti-limescale nozzles. Chrome-plated brass taps.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, Sined showers require minimal maintenance throughout the year. Unlike solar showers, there is no need to place it in the sun. Sined showers are supplied with a free 190 fabric protective bag for storage when the summer is over and you want to store the product in the store room, garage, etc.

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