Stainless Steel Showers

Stainless steel pool shower

All SINED models in this category are made of this type of resistant material and can be used for swimming pools, gardens, etc.

Stainless steel pool showers

The SINED models such as CHIA, PALAU or PULA can be used in all types of outdoor locations, and stand out for their stainless steel finish.

Stainless steel solar shower

SINED showers do not have a showers with solar heating system made of stainless steel. However, the DAFNE, ELLA, EMI and LEA models, although not made of stainless steel, do have solar heating and are made of aluminium.

Stainless steel showers with footbath tap

Swimming pool shower with footbath

These 3 models of showers are made of aluminium with a tap or taphole that you can use to wash your feet, wash objects at ground level, flip-flops, etc.

Swimming pool footbath shower

It is ideal that the pool showers also include a footbath function. This way you can shower your whole body if you need to, or just your feet.

Solar shower with footbath

At SINED we do not have stainless steel solar showers with footbath tap. However, we do have several models of solar showers with footbaths. For this we recommend you to visit our category of Solar Heated Showers.

see Stainless Steel Showers with Foot Washing Faucet

Stainless steel hand showers

They include a handy shower head which makes them ideal for showering. These stainless steel SINED showers feature the traditional standard standing shower system, together with a hand-held hose for added comfort.

Stainless steel shower heads

The 6 SINED stainless steel hand shower models (BOSA, BUDONI, CHIA, PULA, SASSARI and STRINTINO) are available in various finishes and colours.

see Stainless Steel Showers with Hand Shower

Stainless steel showers with cold water only

The SINED model of the Simius satin stainless steel shower has an AISI 316L stainless steel structure, with a 20 cm shower head. Its construction is highly resistant which makes it a perfect model for exteriors such as swimming pools or gardens.

see Stainless steel showers with cold water only
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