Fountains and Garden Accessories

SINED has 4 different models of fountains. The models FONTANA ACQUA, FONTANA ACQUA PRO, FONTANA TRITONE and FONTANA TRITONE PRO.

Fountains for the garden

If you are looking for quality outdoor fountains, all the SINED models you will find here are made of high quality HD Polyethylene. Some models include the water hose directly, while others include the option for attaching garden hoses.

Garden water fountains

Thanks to their materials, the fountains are resistant to UV rays, limescale and salinity.

HD polyethylene garden fountains

Outdoor water fountains

SINED FONTANA water fountains are ideal for outdoor use, whether for watering plants, washing feet or any other activity.

Garden fountains

The SINED garden fountains are available in various eye-catching colours. Some of the colours are e.g. white, black, red, dove or green. This makes them perfect models to decorate outdoor spaces thanks to their presence and modern design. The showers are made of high quality and resistant polyethylene. This makes them incredibly resistant and perfect for outdoor use.

see HD Polyethylene Garden Fountains
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