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Chia Shower By Sined Combines Engineering And Italian Design, Corrosion And Wear Resistant Aisi 316l (nautical) Steel. Minimalist Style, Wall Mounting For Limited Spaces. Ideal For Home And All Outdoor Spaces Sea, Spa, Garden, Pool.

Chia Nera Shower By Sined: Italian Excellence In Aisi 316l Steel, Anti-corrosion And Wear. Minimalist Design And Wall Mounting Ideal For Narrow Spaces. Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor: Home, Sea, Spa, Garden, Pool, Hotel, Camping.

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    • Innovative Elegance in Black: The CHIA stands out for its revolutionary design and unique black finish. Made of AISI 316L stainless steel, this shower not only resists corrosion and wear and tear but also adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to any space, outdoor or indoor, with its sophisticated color and minimalist design.
    • Advanced Features for Optimal Comfort: Equipped with dual water inlets (hot and cold), innovative faucet with 3-way cartridge for precise temperature control, and hand shower, the CHIA offers unprecedented versatility and comfort, ensuring a tailored experience in every season.
    • Uncompromised Design and Practicality: With wall mounting simplified by three mounting points and a sleek 60 mm diameter stem, this shower combines practicality and style. Concealed water connections and a progressive faucet keep the aesthetics clean while facilitating daily use.
    • Guaranteed Durability and Easy Maintenance: The use of AISI 316L steel ensures exceptional resistance to corrosion, with a black finish offering additional protection against scratches and wear. This shower requires minimal maintenance, needing only regular cleaning with non-abrasive products to maintain its luster.
    • Reflection of Italian Excellence: Every aspect of the CHIA shower, from design to production, is a tribute to Italian-made excellence, combining first-rate materials with a black aesthetic that emphasizes luxury and distinction. This product is not just a piece of furniture but a true style statement.

    Black Outdoor Wall Shower

    Sined Chia Shower For Wall Black Exterior And Interior Stainless Steel 316l Shower Head And Hand Shower Mobile Inox

    Nautical 316L Stainless Steel Shower Sined BLACK WALL KEY
    The CHIA outdoor wall shower by SINED in black is the ideal choice for those looking for a practical solution without sacrificing elegance, comfort and quality. It combines technological innovation, exclusive design and first-rate materials to offer a unique product capable of satisfying the most diverse needs and enriching any space with an unmistakable touch of style in black. Discover the pleasure of an outdoor shower designed to exceed expectations and enjoy the comfort and beauty that only CHIA in black can offer.

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    • Innovative Design and Adaptability: SINED's CHIA shower embodies the excellence of Italian design, with an elegant and minimalist structure in AISI 316L stainless steel. Designed to fit perfectly into any environment, whether outdoor or indoor, it offers an ideal solution for limited spaces without compromising quality or comfort. Its wall mounting, supported by three fixing points, facilitates installation anywhere, from home to camping, from spas to the sea.
    • Advanced Features for a Unique Experience: With dual hot and cold water inlets, an innovative faucet with a 3-way cartridge for precise temperature control, and a handheld showerhead for added flexibility, CHIA offers a superior user experience. The combination of prestige faucets and concealed water connections ensures a clean appearance and enhanced user convenience.
    • Exceptional Durability and Strength: Made of AISI 316L steel with low carbon concentration, the CHIA shower is extremely resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long service life without the need for constant maintenance. This feature makes it ideal not only for private homes but also for public places and outdoor businesses, ensuring reliability in all weather conditions.
    • Simple and Efficient Maintenance: The CHIA shower was designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The recommendation to purge the system of impurities before installation, install filters at the water inlet to prevent limescale, and clean regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap makes this shower extremely easy to maintain, ensuring optimal appearance and functionality over time.
    • Italian Style: A Brand of Excellence SINED: Every detail of the CHIA shower reflects the innovation and excellence of Italian design. High-quality materials, attention to detail, and unique design combine to create a shower that stands out for its elegance, functionality, and durability. Production follows strict quality standards, ensuring an internationally recognized product of excellence.

    Outdoor Wall Shower

    Sined Chia Shower For Wall And Exterior And Interior Stainless Steel 316l Overhead Shower And Hand Shower Mobile Inox

    CHIA shower: Italian design and AISI 316L steel for superior strength. Minimalist style, easy wall mounting. Ideal for outdoors and confined spaces.
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