Stainless Steel Showers with Hand Shower


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High Quality Stainless Steel Outdoor Sho



Stainless steel shower with unbeatable value for money.

Sined Budoni Outdoor Shower In Satin Stainless Steel Garden Shower With Hot And Cold Water Inlet Mixer And Hand Shower Body And Accessories In Stainless Steel Aisi 316l With Shaft Diameter 6 Cm. Concealed Connections In The Base.

Marine steel to make this stainless steel shower exclusive

Garden Shower Sined Budoni Nera Shower With Mixer And Handshower Body And Accessories In Stainless Steel Aisi 316l Black Matt Drum Diameter 6 Cm Shower For Indoor And Outdoor With Hot And Cold Water Inlet From The Bottom. h 2210 Mm
Brushed stainless steel
Satin black

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    • Italian Design: The Budoni model reflects the excellence of Italian design, known for its attention to detail, quality of materials and aesthetic uniqueness. Each component has been carefully chosen to ensure optimal and long-lasting performance, while maintaining an elegant and functional style suitable for any outdoor setting.
    • Corrosion Resistant Materials: The use of 316L stainless steel, also known as marine steel, provides exceptional resistance to corrosion, especially in pitting, which occurs in high salinity environments. This makes the shower perfect for use near the sea or in swimming pools, where the presence of chlorine and salt is significant.
    • Versatility of Installation: Thanks to its sophisticated design, the Budoni shower can be installed in a variety of outdoor environments, such as gardens, swimming pools, spas and spas. It does not need to be directly exposed to sunlight, thus offering flexibility in the choice of installation location.
    • Ease of Maintenance: 316L stainless steel not only offers durability but is also easy to maintain. The smooth, non-porous surface prevents the buildup of dirt and bacteria, making cleaning simple and effective with only mild soap and water, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.
    • Advanced Features: Equipped with a dual mixer, the shower allows independent temperature control for the overhead and hand shower, maximizing user comfort. Concealed water connections and bottom connection with quick couplings further simplify installation and daily use.

    High Quality Stainless Steel Outdoor Sho

    Sined Budoni Shower In 316l Stainless Steel With Mixer And Hand Shower Satin Stainless Steel

    Sined Budoni outdoor stainless shower with discount. Satin stainless steel Aisi 316l. Garden Shower. Hot and Cold Water Inlet. Mixer, Hand Shower.
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    • High Quality Materials: The Budoni shower is made of Aisi Inox 316L Satin Stainless Steel, an alloy with less carbon than regular AISI 316, offering superior resistance to corrosion, including pitting in saline and reducing environments. This feature makes it ideal for installations in locations exposed to aggressive environmental conditions.
    • Versatility of Use: Designed for both commercial and private use, the shower is perfect for a variety of environments such as indoor and outdoor pools, gardens, home bathrooms, and spas. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for those seeking an aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust solution.
    • Advanced Features: Equipped with a double faucet, the shower allows hot water from both the shower head and hand shower, increasing comfort during use. Concealed water connections and connection from below with quick couplings facilitate clean installation without visual obstructions.
    • Elegant and Discreet Design: The satin black color and minimalist design of the Budoni shower blends harmoniously with any outdoor decor, adding a touch of modern elegance. This makes it not only functional but also an aesthetic complement to any outdoor space.
    • Ease of Maintenance and Durability: The stainless steel construction facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, a damp cloth and mild soap being sufficient to keep it in optimal condition. 316L stainless steel also ensures a long service life, withstanding various corrosives and extreme temperatures, ideal for prolonged outdoor use.

    High Quality Stainless Steel Black Outdo

    Sined Budoni Garden Shower In 316l Stainless Steel With Hand Shower Height 221 Cm Satin Black

    Functionality and high quality distinguish the black AISI 316L stainless steel outdoor shower. Unbeatable value for money! Ask for the discount now!
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